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Professional floor cleaning services including daily, weekly, or monthly floor care providing stripping, waxing and buffering to keep your floor shiny and clean.

Floor Cleaning Steps

  • Sweep Floors & remove debris
  • Stripping agent to remove wax
  • Wet Mop it as needed
  • Use scrubber in wide areas
  • Apply waxing for buffering
  • Apply additonal coats

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Utah Commercial Floor Stripping & Waxing Services

Professional Floor Stripping and Waxing

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As part of our expert floor cleaning, building maintenance and office cleaning solutions, stripping is a common practice used in floor care that can be applied to tile, marble, slate, concrete, wood floors, and other flat surfaces that have been waxed. Waxing solutions are either water or oil based and vary in prices but clearly noticeable during regular floor maintenance. A good floor waxing should last, on average, 5 to 6 years when properly applied and maintained.

Maintenance is done through periodical floor buffering that keeps the shine while preventing cracking and debris build-up. Regular floor buffering is particularly important in high traffic floor areas, especially during winter season and in snowy and rainy regions. Download a free floor maintenance program flyer.

Utah Cleaning can provide you with the expert services you require to care and maintain your floors cleaned during any season. We are your one-stop shop on floor cleaning, stripping, waxing, and the periodical maintenance you desire. Free Maintenance Quote »

Waxed Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Vinyl (VCT) floors can be maintained fairly easy when a contractor has applied floor sealant, as well as the amount of wax coating providing 100% solid wax content once the wax properly dried. Maintenance buffering should always bring up the natural floor shine while expect even during cold seasons.

How does wax quality and number of coatings affect maintenance results?

Floor waxing layers versus solid contents

The quality and amount of wax coatings applyied to a floor can greatly increase the durability of a floor while decreasing maintenance costs.

Ask our floor Professionals about our floor cleaning products, durability, and maintenance savings and the differences between conventional and green line of floor waxing and cleaning products.

What questions should be asked from a floor professional?

Here's a simple of list of things every business and household owner should ask before choosing a commercial janitorial company:

  • What products lines are available clean and maintain a waxed floor?
  • What are the pros and cons between products?
  • Will floor sealer be applied before the wax?
  • How many coats of wax will be applied?
  • What is the maintenance required after the floor wax is dried?

These questions should provide anyone with enough understanding of what to expect before the stripping, during floor wax application, and maintenance thereafter.

Marble Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Natural stone tile and grout floors such as marble, granite, travertine, and limestone require especial cleaning solutions to prevent discoloration while creating a protective coating against stains and other problems. Due to the porous nature of some marble and tile floors, grout and tile sealant should be carefully chosen to avoid too much moisture that can cause cracks during cold seasons. Floor Care Maintenance »

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