Office Cleaning

Professional commercial cleaning services including daily, weekly, or monthly janitorial maintenance cleaning to Utah's office buildings.

Cleaning Highligths

  • Remove office building trash
  • Remove fingerprints & smears
  • Remove dust and cobwebs
  • Vacuum offices and hallways
  • Clean and sanitize restrooms

Janitorial Building Maintenance & Office Cleaning

Cleaning Portfolio

Daily Commercial Building Maintenance & Office Building Cleaning Services

Building Maintenance through Daily Janitorial Office Cleaning

Janitorial Building Maintenance & Commercial Office Cleaning

Utah Cleaning offers janitorial building maitenance services to many classes of commercial office buildings regardless scheduling restrictions. While the complexity of daily and nightly building maintenance can be daunting task to many business, it can cause janitorial services quality to be overlooked and under estimated. As a janitorial company, we committed to offer our clientele with a worry-free, yet affordable commercial janitorial solutions with 100% satisfaction of satisfaction.

Here's an overview of the cleaning services we offer to our customers regardless location, floor size or configuration.

  • High dusting air vents and cobweb removal.
  • Walls and picture frames dust removal.
  • Dust office window and restroom partitions walls.
  • Wipe clean smudges from walls, switches, door handles and other surfaces touched daily
  • Dust desks, furniture, and window ledges without disturbing paperwork, if present.
  • Vacuum all upholstery surfaces such as chairs.
  • Vacuum carpeted floors, dust mop and mop marble, linoleum, tile floors.
  • Empty all trash and recycle receptacles, spot cleaning exterior of waste receptacles and replacing liners.
  • Clean and disinfect inside and outside toilets, paying special attention to toilets bases.
  • Disinfect and deodorize urinals paying special attention to the floor underneath and partition walls around to remove sediments and uric acid buildups.
  • Disinfect and deodorize restroom floors.

By "worry-free" we mean that we will commit to keep your commercial establishment cleaned while you concentrate on what you know better: your customers!

Cleaning Services to Enhance Your Business Appearance

These are just a few of the daily cleaning routine we employ while performing cleaning at commercial locations. Our cleaning services are more than just providing you with the workforce required to keep your business cleaned, but to enhance your professional appearance customers are expecting.

Utah Cleaning can provide you with custom cleaning services to suit the frequency, size, and working hours you need.

Cleaning Portfolio

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Customer Testimonials

What are customers saying? " were the most competent and friendly cleaning company we have dealt with in years!" R. F.Recommended Cleaner
"...for a period of four years, I found Utah Cleaning to be very dependable, trustworthy, thorough, and efficient!" M. G. R. - D.D.S.Recommended Cleaner
"...we hired them to do a thorough cleaning of our new facility. Utah Cleaning was fast, thorough, and on time!" J. K.Recommended Cleaner